SENDCO Induction

To be completed by: Fri 26 Oct 2018

Time: -Fri 26 Oct 2018 | Venue:

Course content - To give advice on how to organise and carry out the role of the SENDCO.

  • To provide SENDCOs with up to date information on a school’s and LEA’s statutory responsibility for pupils with SEND as described in the Code of Practice.
  • Give SENDCOs a clear overview of SEND funding arrangements in Bradford and how this relates to Bradford’s Ranges of Provision.
  • To provide information on the process of developing a My Support Plan, Joint Assessment meetings and Annual Reviews.
  • To provide guidance on different ways of recording the data and progress of pupils with SEND (including provision mapping).
  • To present an overview of the High and Low Incidence teams within the Teaching Support Services.
  • To give advice on the identification of pupils with SEND and support to access the information on supporting pupils available from the new 0-25 SEND Inclusive Education Services.
  • The opportunity to look at a range of resources, including ICT software to support the learning of pupils with SEND.


21.11.2018 09.00am to 12.30pm Margaret McMillan Tower

28.01.2019 09.00am to 12.30pm Margaret McMillan Towe

26.02.2019 09.00am to 12.30pm Margaret McMillan Tower

It provides SENDCOs with the opportunity to network with others who are also new to the role.

Refreshments: Drinks on arrival and a mid-morning break.

Cost: £195.00

Booking is via the website:

Click on Central training tab

Click on the “Events section here”

This will take you to the list of courses where you can “join” after selecting the course.


Published: 19/10/2018
Audience: Newly appointed SENDCOs
Contact: Barbara Bartle

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