Teacher Reference Number - Their Impact on Pension Records

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When a new Teacher qualifies they are each allocated a Teacher Reference number. This is a unique 7 digit reference which appears in the format 12/34567.

Each Teacher’s Reference Number is unique to them and is used for among other things recording pensionable service. It is therefore very important that when a Teacher starts a new job, that this is included on their application form, as this allows us to report your pensionable service to Teachers’ Pensions swiftly and accurately.

If the Teacher Reference Number is not included this can result in gaps in pensionable service, delays in updating pensionable service and creating inaccurate records which will not allow teachers to track the progress of their pension.

This is a little reminder to all staff who are involved in providing the Teacher Reference number to Bradford Council, as part of a HR process, or a Payroll process to please ensure it is provided in all instances. This really will help us record accurate and up to date service for Teachers.

Many thanks for your support with this, if you have any problems or queries, please get in touch with:

Mairead Brook-Magennis

Pension Liaison Officer


01274 435623


Published: 16/10/2018
Audience: All
Contact: Mairead Brook-Magennis

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