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This course aims to help leaders to unlock the keys to staff recruitment, retention and motivation.

‘You get what you give’ is a practical and reflective half-day course that includes:

  • A toolkit to support recruitment
  • Effective strategies to promote staff retention
  • Understanding what makes schools attractive places to work
  • Plans for staff induction that leads to stronger relationships, higher engagement and trust
  • Evaluations of the impact of leaders’ behaviours on school culture

Stuart has nearly 20 years’ experience as a Senior Leader, including two successful headships.  Stuart is also the Director of Improving Impact, a company that focusses on leadership coaching and development, and believes that it is people who make the difference.


“A very informative training session. I really value your experience and sharing expertise in areas from different angles - especially the planning recruitment - it’s so obvious!  Today’s session has given me time to reflect as a leader and reminded me about human connections. It took me back to when I wasn’t a leader and how it made me feel on the other side.”
“This learning opportunity has allowed me to think much deeper and much more carefully about recruitment. More emphasis on our values and culture from the outset.”
“Really enjoyed the session. It has given me a real wake up about the need to put some fresh input into recruitment processes

Event Details

  • Date:   Wednesday 30th January
  • Times:   Morning or afternoon session: 9.30am-12.15pm OR 1.15pm-4.00pm
  • Cost:   £50 to Noctua Partners / £55 non–partners
  • Location:   Pudsey Primrose Hill   Tel: 01943 875050

Twitter: @noctuateaching


Published: 27/09/2018
Audience: Leaders and Management
Contact: Andrea Taylor

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