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I am currently taking bookings for Bespoke work in your school. I am an active Maths leader at St Mary's & St Peter's Catholic Primary School as well as being an NCETM Professional Development Lead and a STEM Consultant. I have 10 years experience of making an impact in Bradford schools.

"I started my role as Maths Leader in September 2017.  Mark was invited to come and support me in developing my role.  From the very first meeting with Mark, he was extremely helpful and supportive, providing me with a clear direction in helping to shape our improvement plan for Maths across the school.  He has helped me to support teachers at my school and show them the importance of and ease in building reasoning into the teaching of everyday maths.  Mark delivered some CPD to all teaching staff, modelling a range of reasoning activities, using concrete apparatus.  This was immediately implemented in my maths lessons and has brought ‘maths to life’ for my pupils. Mark also worked with me in observing other teachers in the school, through informal ‘drop-ins’ and book scrutinies.  This has given me the confidence to observe staff on my own.  Additionally, Mark supported me in writing a revised calculation policy for written methods and a policy for FDP.  This has resulted in a clear, systematic approach to teaching calculation across school, including the Foundation stage.  Mark’s breadth and depth of Maths knowledge have contributed to developing a variety of practices in our school.  The impact of this being that, within two terms, three cohorts have made outstanding progress, with all pupils making 2 or more bands progress."

July 18 Maths Leader at a three form entry Bradford school.

"I became Maths Subject Leader at Skelton Primary School, York in January 2018. I was new to the role and subject leadership as a whole, knowing this was new to me my headteacher enlisted Mark to mentor me and I was able to hit the ground running.  Mark was very receptive to my ideas and supported me through any improvements I wanted to roll out. He guided me through writing an action plan, helping me to focus on what we really needed to achieve as a school and how we could achieve these goals.  As a school we were beginning to implement the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach; Mark offered detailed insight into this approach which allowed me to lead several staff meetings to aid the implementation this across the school.  Owing to be being new to subject leadership, Mark joined and supported me on learning walks around the school as well as lesson observations and book analysis.  Without Mark’s support I would still be muddling my way through leading Maths however I now, thanks to Mark’s exceptional mentorship I am confident in my abilities and know that should I need any support Mark is available to and capable to support me fully."

New Maths Leader in a York village school.


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Published: 11/09/2018
Audience: Headteachers, Maths Subject leaders.
Contact: Mark Hattersley

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