Registration of new NQTs and late submission of NQT assessments

To be completed by: Mon 03 Sep 2018

Time: -Mon 03 Sep 2018 | Venue:

All new NQTs for the Autumn term in schools choosing Bradford as the Appropriate Body should be completed on NQT Manager by the start of the term.

There are still a number on NQT Manager which require aditional information or data amendments due to errors and these also should be finalised by the start of term.

Eight assessment forms remain incomplete from last term. This is in breach of the statutory guidance which states that schools should submit assessments within 10 days of the assessment period ending. Any schools with outstanding assessments should ensure these are completed and signed by all parties with immediate effect.


Published: 31/08/2018
Audience: Headteachers; NQT induction co-ordinators
Contact: Michael Garside

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