Creating Virtual Reality Worlds as a Writing Outcome

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How exciting would it be for pupils to take a piece of their writing, incorporate it into their own virtual reality world and share it with others? Tim Bleazard from the Curriculum Innovation Service is offering your pupils this opportunity either at the Innovation Centre Bradford or your school.

This could be:-

  • A visualisation of a scene from a class reading book
  • A non-fiction report explaining why an event in history took place
  • A series of instructions laid out in separate scenes
  • A fictional scene involving recorded audio narrative, speech and thought bubbles to represent speech or inference

In this half day visit we will help your class to incorporate their own writing into their virtual reality world.  We'll start by exploring some existing virtual reality environments before starting work on our own VR worlds.  We'll choose settings, add characters and props.  Writing will then be incorporated in the worlds using a mix of signage and audio recordings.  We will then add code to make characters speak, think or move.

We'll explore these worlds using iPads and share them so they can be viewed by a wider audience.  We'll also show how you can set up free accounts to explre further with your class.

The cost of the half-day session is £250.  This can take place in your school or at the Innovation Centre in Little Germany.

Please contact on 07961213553 to find out more and to book your place.


Published: 23/02/2018
Audience: Primary School teachers
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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