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Please note that eye-wash bottles for lab use are not currently recommended by CLEAPSS.

They recommend the use of rubber tubing and tap water to rinse out any splashes of chemicals into the eye, as described in the second page of the document below.


The rubber tubing should be placed in a clean, clear and sealed plastic bag and pinned to the wall close to a suitable sink in each lab. Although the guidance does not state this, I would recommend replacing the tubing every 2-3 years in case of contamination or the rubber starting to perish.


The only exception would be if there were serious concerns about the water coming from a cold water tank, but I suspect that the water in most labs comes straight from the mains supply.

Please note that the CLEAPSS website is password protected. You should have these details, if not please contact me.

Any other questions, just let me know.


Adam Varley, Occupational Safety Team, Bradford Council.


Published: 01/02/2018
Audience: All Secondary Science Departments
Contact: Adam Varley

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