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The way in which we report Teachers’ Pensionable service to Teachers’ Pensions will be changing from January 2018 onwards. Previously, we would update Teachers’ Pensions Annually, and this was known as The Annual Service Return (ASR).

This would take place each April. So at present members of the Teachers’ Pensions scheme should find their service is up to date up until 5th April 2017.

However, going forwards, we will be reporting this service on a monthly basis. This new process is called Monthly Data Collection (MDC). In order to begin this new way of providing service, we will firstly enter a testing phase. The testing phase will last from January 2018 to March 2018.

Once this testing phase is complete, and we have worked with Teachers’ Pensions to ensure all the data is being collected correctly, we will begin the process of providing the backdated service to bring members records completely up to date. We are hoping to do this between April 2018 and July 2018.

During this period, members records may appear to have gaps in, almost everyone will experience a gap from 5th April 2017 to 30th November 2017 until we can upload the backdated service for members.

We estimate that members’ service should be fully up to date by July 2018, and ask that until this time, members do not contact us about the above mentioned gap, as we are already aware it will require updating. If members come across any other missing service or gaps outside of the above time frame then they can contact us by emailing in at PensionRequest@bradford.gov.uk and we will look into this and get back to you within approximately 5 working days.

Once we have updated all members records, we will send out another communication to request members check their records again, and if anyone has any incorrect data at this point, then let us know immediately so we can rectify this for you.

We thank you for your support and patience during this time.

Any queries can be directed to Mairead Brook-Magennis on the above email address.


Published: 15/01/2018
Audience: All
Contact: Mairead Brook-Magennis

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