Course - Motor Skills Workshop

To be completed by: Wed 15 Nov 2017

Time: -Wed 15 Nov 2017 | Venue:

Schools are increasingly finding that children are struggling to record their work with fluency, speed and legibility. This difficulty relates to an immaturity in the development of their motor skills.

Delivered by the Cognition and Learning Team, this workshop will look at the widespread causes and effects of motor skills immaturity in children and how to identify it.

We will look at the impact of the difficulty on learning, self-esteem and often behaviour, and at ways of remediating and overcoming it.

The workshop is a practical one and we will look in depth at strategies to overcome the difficulties.

There will also be a focus on handwriting itself and how to improve this in children.

Date:            06.12.17

Time:            9.15 - 12.15

Venue:         Margaret McMillan Tower

Cost:            £50

Drinks will be provided on arrival and mid-morning


Published: 07/11/2017
Audience: Senco's, class teachers and support staff
Contact: Barbara Bartle

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