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In Bradford we all want to give our children the best start in life and we are particularly keen for our children to be healthy and active.

We’re asking all Primary Schools in Bradford to join us in doing The Daily Mile to help make schools in the district healthier, happier and great places to learn.

The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances. By giving your pupils 15 minutes to stretch their legs by running or walking every day, they’ll come to their classroom more focussed and ready to learn. The best thing about The Daily Mile is that it’s simple and free:

·         It takes place over just 15 minutes, with children averaging a mile each day.

·         Children run outside in the fresh air – and the weather is a benefit, not a barrier.

·         There’s no set up, tidy up, or equipment required.

·         Children run in their uniforms so no kit or changing time is needed.

·         It’s social, non-competitive and fun.

·         It’s fully inclusive; every child, whatever their circumstances, age or ability, succeeds at The Daily Mile

Experiences from Bradford primary schools who have already started, shows it works best if teachers use their discretion to take pupils out when they’re getting fidgety, flagging or they just need a break to let off steam and clear their heads.

There is a growing body of research to showing that doing The Daily Mile improves pupils’ learning and mental wellbeing.  It will also help you achieve some of the key aims of your school; to raise attainment levels, reduce childhood obesity and make a happy environment for them to learn in. Furthermore, it contributes towards the 30 minutes' activity (in addition to PE lessons) that schools are responsible for, as outlined in the national Childhood Obesity Strategy.

If you want to take part or have any questions, contact our team by email or you can find more information at


Published: 06/09/2017
Audience: Primary headteachers, primary teachers, healthy school coordinators
Contact: Victoria Sayers-Snowden

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