Safeguarding Centres of Excellence

Bradford Metropolitan District Council is committed to safeguarding children and young people. The Education Safeguarding Team is increasing its capacity to support improvement and excellence in all areas of safeguarding practice in schools.

Dear Headteacher,

I spoke at the Headteacher briefings recently about the Education Safeguarding Strategy and support for setting up to 3 Safeguarding Centres of Excellence across the district. Please find more information about these Centres and how to submit expressions of interest, if you are keen for your setting to be assessed through the Quality Assurance process at the start of next term.

I look forward to receiving your initial expressions.


Expression of Interest Letter

Expression of Interest submission Form


With all good wishes


Alina Khan

Strategic Manager, Education Safeguarding

Education, Employment and Skills, Children’s Services


Published: 14/07/2017
Audience: Provider Schools/Academies
Contact: Suzanne Ellis

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