FREE Film Literacy 2017 Project Opportunity

To be completed by: Thu 25 May 2017

Time: -Thu 25 May 2017 | Venue:

Over the last 5 years the Curriculum Innovation team and Philip Webb have delivered CPD programmes with schools in Bradford, Calderdale and Wales enabling teachers to effectively utilise and create short films to increase engagement and raise attainment in reading and writing.

The projects have given teachers and pupils the skills, knowledge and confidence to use short film within their literacy lessons as a visual text to improve inference and deduction as well as providing a scaffold to develop writing. This free, one year research project, based on the successes of the 5 years of work by the Curriculum Innovation team, has been designed and funded by BFI, CapeUK, Curriculum Innovation and Into Film.

The project will be extensively assessed by independent researchers to evaluate the impact short film can have on the engagement, progress and attainment of literacy in Year 5 pupils.

This new 2017 project is for Year 5 teachers from across the Yorkshire and Humber region and is FREE to attend. The content has been honed over several years to provide maximum impact in the classroom allowing staff to utilise their new skills, knowledge and understanding effectively within their literacy lessons. The project will be very rewarding to staff and pupils but requires a significant commitment from staff and SLT. Besides attending training and teaching Film Literacy lessons, staff will have to submit data and information to independent researchers.

The training consists of 3 full days of CPD plus a further half day session to evaluate the project and create personalised case studies. There will be a consultant in-school visit ensuring planning and delivery for that term is progressing as planned. Training dates for the project are as follows:-

• Day 1 CPD for staff & SLT (30/06/17)
• Day 2 CPD for staff, SLT & pupils (24/11/17)
• Day 3 CPD for staff (09/03/18)
• Day 4 Evaluation & case study (29/06/18)

If you are interested in participating in the project please register to attend our project information meeting to be held on Thursday 25 May from 4pm until 5pm at The Innovation Centre Bradford.  This no obligation informal session will provide you with full details and expectations of the project.  Please click here to attend.  If you have any questions about the project please don't hesitate to contact


Published: 04/05/2017
Audience: Year 5 Teachers and members of Primary SLT
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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