URGENT Early Years Pupil Premium - Spring Term Payments

To be completed by: Fri 03 Mar 2017

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As described at the recent School Business Managers’ Forum and the Early Years Leaders Briefings, the process by which we identify children eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium Funding has changed.

We now receive a list of eligible families with 3 and 4 year olds from our Revenues and Benefits Team.  Back in January you may have received a list of children we had identified as being eligible based on the Autumn term census. 


We have now been able to match the list against the Spring term census and you will shortly be receiving an alert email to let you know that there is a spreadsheet for your school / setting in the Bradford Schools Online (BSO) dropbox with the list of children we have identified as eligible.


Please note that this is a new system and does have some limitations but it has already identified considerably more children than under the previous system of identifying parents directly via asking for their details.


A match between the list of children from Revenues and Benefits and those accessing Early Education depends on the quality of information parents provide in their benefits claim & when registering for early education place (e.g. a different parent on each claim, different addresses, misspellings etc.).  There may therefore be some children we are unable to identify in this way.


The list will also not include those children who have left care through the eligible circumstances (Child Arrangement Orders (formerly Special Guardianship Order), Adoption or Residence Order) or those children no longer eligible (families no longer claiming /eligible for housing benefit) but are entitled to 3 terms funding before having their entitlement rechecked. 


Please access this list and save it to your own network (as once you have opened it will self-delete after 5 days), then check the list for any children who have:

·       left your setting / school;

·       moved onto Reception as they would be eligible for the full Pupil Premium);

·       any children who were eligible for the first time in Summer or Autumn 2016 and are not on the list (i.e. not yet had their entitlement of 3 terms of EYPP before having their eligibility rechecked);

·       any Looked After Children who have left care through the eligible circumstances not on the list;

·       any other children you know to be eligible but not on the list (if they don’t appear on the list you can ascertain their eligibility using the  on-line checker).


If you have any amendments to make, please do so on your list and return by the Bradford Schools Online Postbox, (as this is the secure way to transfer such sensitive data) into the EYPP Folder.


As this is a new system we are working with for the first time, timescales are very tight for getting the information to the School Funding Team in time for payment, so please return any amendments by Friday 3rd March at the latest.


If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Adrian Tolley on adrian.tolley@bradford.gov.uk


Published: 02/03/2017
Audience: School Business Managers of Nursery Schools and Primary Schools with Nursery Classes; owners / manag
Contact: Adrian Tolley

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