RAISEonline replacement service – message from DfE and Ofsted

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In April the Department for Education (DfE) will be launching a new service which will provide schools and other existing user groups with detailed performance analysis to support local school improvement as a replacement to RAISEonline.

The new service

We have worked with users to ensure the service will be easier to navigate and use, whilst retaining familiar tools such as filters. Access will be granted through ‘Secure Access’, in line with other DfE services.

We are also introducing new commercial arrangements to make the data that sits behind RAISEonline available to accredited suppliers who satisfy our strict security and usage criteria. This will enable the market to develop innovative services which schools can choose to procure should they wish, in a similar way that many do now.

What’s next?

As the new service is DfE led, the Ofsted Helpdesk will close on 31/03/17. We are working with Ofsted to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for users.

When the new service is available we will contact you again with the link to the new site as well as information regarding your Secure Access log-in. We will also be providing a couple of short videos to get users familiar with the new service. 

In the meantime, watch out for updates on the RAISEonline Latest News page.

Following the initial release we will continue to improve the service based on user feedback, analytics and on-going user research. We will be keen to seek your feedback either through formal testing or through user surveys, which will be built into the new service. As part of those ongoing improvements we are very focussed on ensuring RAISEonline data is available earlier, as we know that’s a key area schools want to see addressed.

RAISEonline latest news


Published: 17/02/2017
Audience: Head teachers, Senior Leaders, Data Managers, School Governors
Contact: Kate Welsh

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