Say Goodbye to Nicola Robinson, Head of the Cognition and Learning Team

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Nicola Robinson, Head of the Cognition and Learning Team in Teaching Support Services is retiring after over 20 years working with children with Special Educational Needs in Bradford.

Nicola has had a long and valued career supporting children with SEN in Bradford. This includes time as a teacher and SENCo in Cullingworth Primary School. Nicola became a valued member of the Cognition and Learning Team in 2010. She was promoted to Deputy Head and more recently Head of the C&L Team. Nicola has been at the forefront of many exciting initiative in teaching support services such as the support to children with speech and language needs via ELKLAN training and leading the team in developing the baseline assessment and SEN Guidance to support more accurate referrals to the team and identification of need. We will miss Nicola but know she has many plans for the future. 


To celebrate her work here in Bradford you are invited to a celebration event in the View Room, at Margaret McMillan Towers, Princes Way, BD1 1NN on Monday, 5 December from 12.30pm until 2.30pm.

There will be drinks and cakes available and Nicola will love to see you for a chat.

Note: This is a drop in and low key event. You are invited to attend anytime between 12.30 -2.30. Please RSVP with your time of arrival to

If you cannot attend you are welcome to send a message to Nicola via Adele. We will make sure Nicola receives this on the day.

Carol Shiret

Head CCIL Service


Published: 05/12/2016
Audience: All
Contact: Fiona Binns

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