Key Stage 2 question level analysis in RAISEonline

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Key Stage 2 question level analysis is now available in RAISEonline

Key stage 2 2016 question level analysis (QLA) data for primary and secondary schools

We would like to remind both primary and secondary schools that the question level analysis (QLA) data from 2016 key stage 2 tests is available now within RAISEonline.

For primary schools, QLA will give you a picture of how well your pupils performed in specific questions and areas assessed by the tests, compared with all other pupils nationally.

For secondary schools, QLA can support managing transition from primary school, giving teachers detailed information on their incoming Year 7 cohort’s strengths and weaknesses in each area of the curriculum covered by the tests.

We have designed new and updated RAISEonline reports which will assist analysis of strands, sub strands and individual items/questions. This covers each of the three mathematics papers, the reading paper and the two grammar punctuation & spelling papers.

An example of the reports available and the drill through from a summary to a question/item and pupil is available within the QLA folder in the RAISEonline library


How to access QLA

For primary schools, the data is available when school users login to RAISEonline (click the ‘QLA and optional tests’ button).

For secondary schools the data is available from the NCA Tools website and requires the data administrator to enter the UPNs for their new Year 7 pupils.

All-through schools only need to enter the UPNs for pupils new to the school, as all their 2016 Year 6 pupils have had their data automatically uploaded already.

Guidance within the question level analysis folder of the RAISEonline library demonstrates the straightforward process to access data from NCA tools and then upload it to RAISEonline.


Published: 08/09/2016
Audience: Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Key Stage 2 leads, Data Managers
Contact: Kate Welsh

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