Love Bradford - World Record Attempt Event

To be completed by: Fri 22 Jul 2016

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This will take place in City Park on Thursday 15 September from 11.30am, and Bradford District schools are invited to be the star attraction at the #LoveBradford event to celebrate our friendly, vibrant and diverse community.

The event will culminate in a world record attempt to create the ‘longest chain of people making heart-shaped hand gestures’, at 1pm on Thursday, 15 September. (The current record of 1,936 participants is held by Tokyo Steel Products Dealers Association, in Japan).

Contributing to a world record is bound to be a great motivator for children, building a sense of ambition, and in turn helping increase academic expectations and career aspirations at the start of the new academic year. Schools must register to take part – more information and contacts are below.

This event will show how proud we are of the Bradford District and also raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal – YoungMinds: a charity committed to improving mental health of children and young people. All participants are encouraged to help raise money for charity through sponsorship – details on how to donate will be provided to participating schools.

Bradford is an extraordinary, energetic and enterprising district and our strength and future success will be enhanced by embracing and celebrating our diversity. This event will aim to provide educational value around diversity in our communities. It is an opportunity for children of all ethnic backgrounds to meet and integrate for a collective purpose. It will demonstrate to children at a young age what can be achieved through working together with different communities.

It is important that children take centre stage at the event, as Bradford’s population is the youngest of any city in the UK. The vision of a diverse, integrated and united district will become a reality as we invest in our young people, who will form the generations of the future.

As well as our young people, many others from across the Bradford District will connect together at the event to show our community spirit, solidarity and love for our city and district.  Representatives from different communities, civic leaders, The Lord Mayor, high profile sports clubs and VIP guests are expected. The event also coincides with the World Curry Festival - an event that brings people from all backgrounds together to celebrate their love of food, culture and entertainment.

There will be an array of live entertainment, activities, and much more that we will announce shortly. The event is expected to generate huge media interest and boost the profile of your school. 

Lesson plans and social media

There is an opportunity to form a lesson plan around children taking pictures or video clips making a heart shaped gesture with their hands. We would like to hear what it is they love about Bradford, with the accompanying #LoveBradford hashtag. You can also use your school’s regular social media applications and website to highlight your school’s involvement.

Please also forward your pictures and video clips/links directly to As many as possible will be shown on the big screen at City Park before and during the event. (As always, please make sure you have the relevant permissions from parents and carers before sharing pictures and videos.)

Diversity is a key theme for the event and so participating also brings an opportunity to learn about other faiths and talk about subjects such as tolerance and friendliness in our district.

How to take part

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that promises to be talked about for years to come. Why not make this the top of your school calendar?  There is huge interest in the world record, so please complete the registration form without delay, to ensure a place for your school.

Once you have registered we will contact you with more information about the day. The risk assessment document, which contains information to help ensure children’s safety and help you make the most out of taking part will be available online soon at

For more details please contact and include ‘schools’ in your subject field.




Published: 20/07/2016
Audience: All schools
Contact: World Record Attempt

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