CE:SET Summer schools

To be completed by: Mon 06 Jun 2016

Time: -Mon 06 Jun 2016 | Venue:

The Centre for Excellence in Science, the Environment and Technology is offering opportunities to participate in a summer school for science learners who plan to start A-level or BTEC sciences this September.

The programme consists of six half-day workshop-style sessions delivered at the University of Bradford's STEM Centre, covering topics in how to research and plan a science project, how to write a structured science report, laboratory and experimental practice, and science-based careers at 16 and beyond. A limited amount of individual work will be required in addition to the sessions at the University. The sessions will be relevant to learners regardless of the science subject(s) they plan to study in Year 12.

The sessions are timetabled flexibly so that summer holidays and similar breaks can be accommodated.

Learners who successfully complete the programme will be eligible for the award of the British Science Association's CREST Award at Silver Level - itself a valuable addition to a young person's CV.

The intention is to support young people to make a strong start to their post-16 science studies.

We are looking for expressions of interest from schools who may wish to nominate learners to attend. For further details, please contact Janet Smith-Harrison at the University.


Published: 06/06/2016
Audience: Heads of Science, Heads of Sixth-Forms, Heads of post-16 studies.
Contact: Brian Forster

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