'Maths: Everyone Can' Conference to be held on 6 July 2016 at Leeds United

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The White Rose Maths Hub is pleased to announce its 2016 Summer Conference 'Maths: Everyone Can'.

The event’s core aim is  to promote mathematical mind-sets and provide teachers and leaders an opportunity to hear the message that everyone can do maths.

The conference will provide theory and practical ideas on how we can all foster the belief in our schools that everyone can succeed in mathematics .  We have secured some exceptional speakers from around the globe, these include Dr Barry Hymer, Professor Marcus du Sautoy and Dan Haesler - who is the Australian based equivalent of Jo Boaler.  In addition we have some amazing primary and secondary schools from across our region showcasing the work they are already doing. 

The event is being heavily subsidised by the Maths Hub and this is a unique opportunity to get some of the World’s best authorities in this area together in one place.

The event is suitable for both primary and secondary colleagues.

Click here for brochure and application form.


Published: 24/05/2016
Audience: All headteachers and maths subject leaders
Contact: Barbara Newsome

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