Visit the Anne Frank + you Exhibition 2016

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Visit the Anne Frank + you Exhibition 2016. Bradford will host the sixth visit of the Anne Frank + you touring exhibition in April and May as part of the Stand up, Speak out, Speak out, Make a Difference (SUSOMAD) programme coordinated by the Diversity and Cohesion Service at Bradford Council.

This year the Stand up, Speak out, Make a Difference programme has trained over 200 children from ten secondary schools from across the district to be Ambassadors on the project. Through pupil voice, they will guide other school children and members of the public around the exhibition.

Starting from Anne Frank’s writings and experiences, the exhibition itself is a journey of self-exploration for its visitors.  Themes that Anne wrote about in her diary, such as racial hatred, war and conflict and the value of democracy and freedom are presented in an up-to-date and contemporary fashion, along with filmed interviews with British teenagers discussing their own views, concerns and hopes for the future.

A full-scale replica of the bedroom where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis for two years is displayed at the thought-provoking exhibition which is linked to an education resource pack exploring human rights, prejudice and stereotypes.

There are two 2-hour visiting slots for schools each day, between 10.00 and 12.00 and between 12.45 and 14.45. Each session will include workshop activities as well as a guided tour of the exhibition by SUSOMAD student ambassadors. For more information on how to book a visit, please see the booking link below:

Invite letter and booking form

Exhibition flyer


Published: 04/03/2016
Audience: Primary school students aged 10+
Contact: Tayyab Wahid

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