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All users of Bradford Schools Online can receive a newsletter every Friday showing all news items from that week. If you're not currently receiving this weekly email and wish to do so, please see info below on how to sign up.

We realise that some BSO users have stopped receiving the weekly email newsletter in recent weeks. This is because any accounts which have been inactive for the past six months - because the user has not logged in during that time - have been opted out from the newsletter.

To opt back in, please click the 'Subscribe' button on the BSO homepage and provide your email address. You will then start receiving the Friday newsletters again.

Also a quick reminder for schools - please keep maintaining your staff BSO accounts so there aren't any old or invalid email addresses on the distribution list, e.g. please amend or delete accounts when staff change roles or leave the school.

Many thanks.


Published: 29/12/2015
Audience: All BSO users
Contact: Simon OHare

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