Secondary Network Day - Managing Feelings

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Do you want to know more about how to help students on the autism spectrum to cope with their anxieties and low mood?

Managing Feelings -

How to help students on the autism spectrum to manage their emotions

Secondary schools present all adolescents with a range of challenges as they struggle to learn to deal with the emotional aspects of life.  Young people who are on the autism spectrum find it more difficult than most to tune in with and respond to their feelings.

Managing our emotions is essential to all of us in order to ensure emotional wellbeing.  Many young people who are on the spectrum are highly anxious and this can pre-dispose them to a range of mental health problems or may result in them displaying a range of challenging behaviours.

This one day course will help you to:

  • Understand why emotional processing is different for young people on the autism spectrum
  • Identify practical supportive strategies to use in school
  • Gain information on interventions that are effective
  • Network with other professionals in the city


When – Thursday, 10th December  2015  9.00 – 3.00

Where - Future House, Bolling Road, Bradford BD4 7EB


There is no charge for this course but please note that light refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) will be provided at a charge of £1.00 for the day.  Bring your own lunch. 

Lunch can be purchased in the canteen.

To apply fill in the form below and send to Pauline Dempsey, Autism Spectrum Team at the above address or email to:

We can offer a maximum of 2 places to each setting for this course.









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Published: 13/11/2015
Audience: SENCOs and Teaching Assistants working with students on the autism spectrum in secondary schools
Contact: Karen Thewlis

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