Sumdog's Big Autumn Contest

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It is just 4 days until the Big Autumn National Contest. The contest is a fun, free way to get your students motivated by Maths. Let your schools know before it starts on the 6th of November. There are prizes up for grabs!

The Big Autumn Contest is:

  1. Completely free - no cost except maybe the price of fame if you win.
  2. 100% fair - all students face questions corresponding to their individual ability.
  3. Totally fun!

Students compete by playing the free Maths games on the Sumdog website any time between 8am on Friday 6th and 8pm on Thursday 12th of November.

They can play at school or at home and it only takes an hour or two to get a competitive score!

Find out how to enter your class here.



Published: 03/11/2015
Audience: Primary Maths Subject Leaders
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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