Putting up Displays Safely

Accidents involving staff falling whilst they are putting up displays are still causing injuries across our schools.

It is really important that staff take care whilst putting up displays in school. You need to have a risk assessment in place for working at height that includes this activity.

Schools can easily reduce the risk by

  • Minimising the need to put up displays at a high (above shoulder height) level
  • Making sure well maintained and appropriate kick stools and small step ladders are available
  • Ensuring a clear set of guidelines are in place, letting staff know
    • When to get additional help for displays that are higher
    • What access equipment is available and where it is stored
    • That they must wear appropriate footwear when putting up displays
    • That they must avoid working alone putting up displays (e.g. in the school holidays when no one else is in school)

The Health and Safety Executive have produced a really useful leaflet which can be downloaded here:


Please consider printing off a copy and putting it on your staff notice board.

N.B. Your working at height risk assessment should also cover higher risk activities such as roof access, maintenance of lighting systems and the use of climbing walls etc. Please contact Occupational Safety if you require further information.


Published: 12/10/2015
Audience: Head Teachers / Business Managers
Contact: Adam Varley

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