Important information about School Common Transfer Files

Reminder and guidance for all schools about statutory responsibilities regarding school common transfer file.

School Common Transfer Files

The common transfer file (CTF) is an electronic file, which contains data defined by the Department for Education. It is used to transfer information securely from school to school using S2S and between schools.

The 2005 Pupil Registration Regulations require that when a pupil transfers between schools, the transferring school must send details of the pupil to the receiving school as a CTF via the s2s (School to School) website. This is a statutory obligation and must be completed within 15 school days.

It is not the responsibility of Bradford Local Authority to produce CTFs on behalf of schools. To ensure you receive correct prior attainment and historical contextual data schools must make a request to the pupil’s transferring school.

How can I upload a CTF?

The S2S system allows schools and local authorities to securely share information.

Access to S2S is only available via secure access, our secure point of entry for data transfer services.

To send information to another school or local authority, you must:

  • use the CTF routine

Full instructions for saving, uploading and receiving files via S2S can be found in the guides for schools and local authorities.

Downloading a CTF

Currently for the previous Academic Year 2014/15 Bradford Schools have over 500 CTFs that have not been downloaded in the Files within LEA and the Incoming Files tabs.  Please check and download as a matter of urgency.

To ensure best practice in the future we highly recommend that you download any CTFs for your school on a weekly basis.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact


Published: 15/09/2015
Audience: Headteachers, Senior Leadership Team, Data Manager and School Administrators
Contact: Rebecca Troth

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