Key Stage 5 and Key Stage 4 results collection Summer 2015

Once again the results season is upon us. Here are the details of the 2015 results collection process.


As in past years, 2015 Key Stage 5 and Key Stage 4 results will be collected using the results collection dashboard on BSO. The online system means the results collection process is more efficient, more reliable and enables schools to record and manage submissions in one secure area.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) website states that A Level Results will be with schools on Wednesday 12 August 2015, for release on Thursday 13 August 2015, and end of Key Stage 4 results will be with schools on Wednesday 19 August 2015 for release on Thursday 20 August 2015..

This year the KS5 collection has been split to collect results for A Level, Academic and Vocational students, in line with what the DfE reports.

The KS4 collection will be one submission on results day. Please note that the changes with regards to early entry and the way results are reported, which was introduced last year, now applies to all subjects for the 2015 results season. Please note that we are also asking for a breakdown of results by Pupil Premium.

A full summary of the information required is listed below.

Access to the online forms is via the Results Collection Dashboard on BSO. Users require a BSO login to be able to complete the results forms.Guidance is available on how to obtain a login if you don’t already have one.

Once logged in, the results collection dashboard can be found under the ‘Utilities’ section in the centre of the screen.

It would be helpful if you could provide contact details for the person(s) responsible for submissions on results days. Please email this information to stating the name, email and direct telephone number of the person(s) responsible.

This year, we require the following information:



Date required

Information required

A Level Results Day

09:30 on Thursday 13 August 2015 at the latest

A Level:

  • Points per A Level entry
  • Points per FTE A Level student
  • Number achieving 2+A*-E
  • Number achieving 3+A*-E
  • Number achieving 3 A Levels at grades AAB or higher with at least 2 in facilitating subjects


  • Points per Academic entry
  • Points per FTE Academic student
  • Number achieving 2+A*-E
  • Number achieving 3+A*-E



  • Points per Vocational entry
  • Points per FTE Vocational student
  • Number achieving 2 substantial qualifications
  • Number achieving 3 substantial qualifications

KS4 Results Day

09:30 on Thursday 20 August 2015 at the latest

  • 5+A*-C
  • 5+A*-C Including English & Maths
  • A*-C GCSE English
  • A*-C GCSE Maths
  • Expected Progress in English
  • Expected Progress in Maths
  • Exceeding Expected Progress in English
  • Exceeding Expected Progress in Maths
  • Progress 8
  • Number of pupils expected to be removed during the September Checking Exercise


Results are required by gender and Pupil Premium.


If, on the day, you experience problems with the collection dashboard or results, have results missing from boards, or cannot provide a full picture of analysis please provide what you can via the dashboard, entering any comments in the notes section of the return, or contact us to give an update on your situation, we can then support you with this.

If you need to get in touch about the results collection please email


Published: 10/07/2015
Audience: Headteachers, Exams Officers, i/c data and assessment
Contact: Sue Rusling

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