Religions in the Bradford District

To be completed by: Wed 25 Mar 2015

Time: -Wed 25 Mar 2015 | Venue:

The Interfaith Education Centre is offering this six-week course which will develop a knowledge and understanding of the six major world faiths represented in the district. Participants will also learn how 'British values' are promoted within each faith.

Each session will answer the following questions:


  • what do believers believe?
  • where and when did this begin?
  • who are the significant people?
  • what is the importance of sacred writing?
  • how do believers worship?
  • what are the main festivals and how are these observed?
  • how are rights of passage celebrated?
  • how does faith impact on values and lifestyle?

Participants will have a knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of each of the major world faiths.


They will be equipped to teach RE in accordance with the Bradford, and other, agreed syllabus for religious education and contribute to a school ethos which supports the achievement of all learners.

The course will make a positive contribution to a school's capacity to meet new Ofsted challenges related to British values, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and community cohesion.

Course cost is £350 and all participants will recieve detailed handouts on each faith.

Participants who attend all six sessions will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

Course flyer can be found here.

Course booking form can be found here.

Please return booking forms to Tracy Lennie by 25 March 2015.

Further information is available from Geraldine Cooper
01274 378403


Published: 06/03/2015
Audience: RE leaders, teachers - all who currently or may be teaching RE in the future.
Contact: Geraldine Cooper

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