Talking Maths – A Light Touch Intervention for pupils in KS1, KS2 and KS3

Talking Maths is an effective intervention that enables children to access learning by providing mathematically meaningful opportunity for dialogue amongst children and between child and educator.

This 10/12 week intervention can be administered by a Teacher or a Teaching Assistant to groups of 3 children in 3 forty-minute sessions each week.

In order to maximise the opportunities for impact in each school we advise schools to appoint a Talking Maths Link Teacher. The Link Teacher should be responsible for management of pupil selection, timetabling and decisions about entry and exit assessment.

To encourage schools to appoint a Talking Maths Link Teacher a discount is offered for Teaching Assistants attending with a Teacher.


Intended outcomes for learners:

In the 3 times a week sessions children have the opportunity to learn how to talk in mathematical terms about their work, how to explain their strategies, to confidently respond to questions and challenges by engaging in dialogue with others. Practical and purposeful learning experiences will provide children with the situations in which to use mathematical language meaningfully. Consequently their mathematical reasoning, generalisation, prediction and recognition of patterns and relationships will be refined and developed.

Intended outcomes for participants:

Participants will receive a programme handbook that contains guidance on the structure of the intervention and the entry and exit assessment procedures. There is minimal planning and preparation involved in administering the programme and many resources will also be provided on a CD, however the school will need to add a few resources which are generally available in most primary schools. During the course practical ideas for learning activities are shared and the stages of learning and teaching identified in the programme are unpicked. 

Bradford Teaching Assistant comment on Talking Maths training:

“The Talking Maths Training Day was fantastic. The trainer was enthusiastic, clear and concise in her delivery of the materials and left me wanting to get the programme up and running in my school. “

Content of the course:

Pre-course information about pupil selection, setting up a timetable for the Talking Maths TA and information about resources the school may wish to gather together prior to attending the training.

One day of face-to-face professional development for a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant to include:

o        An overview of the Talking Maths materials and the structures of the intervention.

o        An understanding of the Talking Maths entry and exit assessments.

o        Practical strategies to support the Teaching Assistant in implementing the intervention               with a group of 3 pupils.

The Talking Maths Handbook and a CD containing the Talking Maths materials (N.B. schools will need to provide some generally available concrete resources)

This training will take place on: 

  • Thursday 19th March 2015
  • 09.00 - 16.00
  • Future House, Numeracy Room

To Book onto the course please follow the link below.

Any course follow up:

In school support and further professional development to build on this course, to provide mathematical language development or mathematics related to your school, department or LAP requirements can be provided by arrangement with the consultant.

Please contact Mark Hattersley direct on or by phone: 07582109302.



Published: 27/02/2015
Audience: KS1, KS2 and KS3 Teaching Assistants and Teachers Teaching Assistants or Teachers who will deliver t
Contact: Mark Hattersley

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