Guidance for Claiming Expenses and Mileage

Important notes to remember when making claims. From 1st December 2013 these conditions have been strictly enforced to help the Payroll team process your claims efficiently.

1. Make sure you have completed the correct paperwork

  • Any employee claiming payment for mileage must complete the form PS120 - Car Indemnity Form before making your first claim to satisfy Council conditions that you are insured for business use. You only need to do this once, unless you change their car, in which case you will need to complete a new one. 
  • This form must be authorised by your manager. Once authorised, the form should be returned to the Expenses Team in Payroll.

2. Provide a valid VAT receipt for mileage claims

  • All mileage claims must be covered by a valid VAT receipt for the fuel. This can be from any time in the previous month - i.e. the date on the receipt must pre-date the first date of the travel claimed by up to one month. This is required by HMRC (HM Revenues and Customs).
  • Failure to provide a valid VAT receipt will result in the claim being rejected and not paid.
  • The VAT conditions - HMRC document provides more details on HMRC requirements.
  • The mileage claim form (PS101) is here

3. Receipts are needed for ALL claims

4. Complete your expenses claim on time

  • Audit requirements state that expenses must be claimed within three months.
  • Any claims submitted after the 3 month deadline will not be paid.

These conditions apply to all claims. These conditions will be strictly enforced for claims submitted.

 If you have any questions, please contact Liz Crabtree, Expenses Officer on 01274 43 2890 or by email:


Published: 03/11/2014
Audience: All school based staff who claim expenses and mileage
Contact: Marie Mortimer

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