Bradford Guidance for Schools with Indoor Climbing Walls

Message from George McQueen Assistant Director Access and Inclusion


Climbing Wall Guidance




Please be aware that the Local Authority has produced guidance specifically for schools, academies (and other settings) which have their own climbing wall. The guidance is located in Bradford Schools Online and can be found under ‘School Travel and Visits’ (Educational Visits).


The guidance covers all aspects of schools’ responsibilities, including wall maintenance, appropriate qualifications and training for climbing wall supervisors, protocols around management of climbing sessions and best practice.

The Local Authority will maintain a register of schools and other settings with a climbing wall. The register will be managed by the officer responsible for Educational Visits, Jim Hughes  You are strongly advised to register if you presently have a wall or intend to acquire one. Upon registering, you will have access to a climbing wall toolkit, which comprises an exemplar scheme and an operator’s checklist.

Schools are reminded that it is their responsibility to manage their wall and climbing sessions appropriately and ensure they follow all necessary safety advice.  Schools are strongly advised to adopt, and actively comply with this guidance, to ensure the management of their climbing wall is in line with best practice.

Yours sincerely





George McQueen         Assistant Director Access and Inclusion



Published: 09/10/2014
Audience: Headteacher; climbing wall supervisor/ manager; staff working with indoor climbing walls
Contact: Jim Hughes

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