Attendance and Prosecution team

Attendance and Prosecution team

Attendance and Prosecution

The Attendance Team acts on behalf of Bradford Children's Services to support regular school attendance.

Attendance Officers work closely with schools and families to resolve issues of poor school attendance. The service also provides support and advice to schools in developing strategies to improve pupil attendance.

A traded service offer is available for schools to provide additional support to challenge Persistent Absence which can include:

  • Individual pupil or family case work
  • Whole school project work
  • Mediation between school and families
  • Penalty notice and prosecution support

More information can be viewed on both Skills4bradford and BSO websites / or email us at

We have added two NEW offers available to support schools

  • Intensive support challenging Persistent Absence 
  • We are currently offering a trial of the service, offering a 13 week nudge letter intervention / intense case work support project. Schools will receive one hour per week of attendance officer support for as little as £660.
  • A half day Attendance Review
  • Safeguarding analysis in relation to attendance
  • Whole school register scrutiny
  • Policy review
  • Identifying, reviewing and advising on strategies for vulnerable groups
  • Recommendations to support your attendance action plan

The review can be purchased for £250 you can request either of the above support packages by contacting / or by telephone 01274 439651

Contact Information

For attendance support please email

For legal queries in relation to term time fines for holidays please email,

Prosecution and Penalty Notices for attendance please email

Please visit to view further information



The teams

Child Employment, Entertainment and Licensing

The Local authority is responsible to monitor child employment and is responsible for the issuing of Child Employment Permits and Entertainment Licenses for school age children. If schools learn about a child who is in employment and need to seek further advice and support please contact;

Child Employment and Entertainment Licensing queries


Education Safeguarding Officers

This team consists of officers with a social work and teaching background, their main function is to ensure safeguarding policy and procedures are adhered to within our schools and where support has been identified this is offered.

Regular training is offered to schools including the DSL training. We also investigate parental concerns/complaints sometimes these are sent directly to Ofsted/DfE. These may be sent to the Local Authority and, if in respect of safeguarding, to the Education Safeguarding team to investigate and respond to.

Safeguarding Complaints

Safeguarding Advice 01274 437043


Elective Home Education

This specialist team maintains the record of Electively Home Educated Pupil, provide advice and guidance to schools and families in respect of Elective Home Education, and undertake informal enquiries with regards to the suitability of education provision for Electively Home Educated pupils.

Elective Home Education queries


Children Missing Education (CME)

The CME team is a statutory service which identifies and supports schools with the following;

Children Missing Education (CME) are children of compulsory school age who are not registered pupils at a school and are not receiving suitable education otherwise than at a school i.e. privately or electively home education (EHE).

All children, regardless of their circumstances, are entitled to an efficient, full time education which is suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they may have.

Children missing education are at significant risk of underachieving, being victims of harm, exploitation or radicalisation, and becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) later in life.

Effective information sharing between parents, schools and local authorities is critical to ensuring that all children of compulsory school age are safe and receiving suitable education.

Further information can be found on the specific BSO pages

Queries can be made to or by contacting 01274 438877


Access Team

The Access team supports families from Central and Eastern Europe, Refugees, Asylum Seeker, Traveller backgrounds and vulnerable families with access to education. The service supports and signposts its client group, taking into account the wider family support needs; including SEN, Benefits, and Early Help. Specialist staff in the team advocate on behalf of families who are experiencing barriers in accessing appropriate education settings.

Advice from Children Missing Education Access Team








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