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NQTs - News items

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Guidance for schools during lockdown

This document is intended to provide some guidance on activities which NQTs can undertake, methods of support which schools/mentors should consider providing and possible ways to assess and gather evidence of progress against the Teachers’ Standards.

Guidance for NQTs and Mentors during lockdown - added 6 January 2021


News from DfE regarding changes to induction in September 2021 - released 06 November 2020

The Department for Education has published further information on the national roll-out of the Early Career Framework (ECF) reforms and planned changes to statutory induction arrangements that will take place from September 2021.

  • Information on the ECF can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/early-career-framework-reforms-overview/early-career-framework-reforms-overview

  • Information, including detail on early career assessment and the role of the appropriate body (AB) in a two-year, ECF-based induction, can be found at:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/changes-to-statutory-induction-during-national-roll-out/changes-to-statutory-induction-during-national-roll-out#early-career-teachers-partway-through-induction-when-the-reforms-come-into-force

  • Changes to statutory induction arrangements will ensure that all early career teachers (ECTs) undergoing induction are entitled to a 2-year training and support programme based on the ECF. There is no action for ABs, schools, or their ECTs to take at this stage. Key changes will include:

    • The extension of the induction period to 2 school years;

    • ECTs will be entitled to a programme of training based on the ECF, as well as the support of a dedicated mentor;

    • Additional funding for 5% time away from the classroom for teachers in their second year;

    • ABs will have a role in ensuring that a suitable ECF-based programme of support is in place.

  • The end of the induction period will continue to be marked by a decision as to whether performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory. Given the extended length of induction, the department will amend guidance on the process for monitoring progress against the Teachers’ Standards during induction.

  • To reduce burdens on ECTs, induction coordinators and ABs, the department will also outline that two formal assessments points should take place during induction: one midway through induction, and one at the end of the induction period.

  • The department also intends to advise that these formal assessments should be supported by regular and collaborative progress reviews to enable ABs to quality assure the induction process.

We will be running information sessions in late Spring/early Summer once the guidance has been finalised.


NQT induction guidance and information

A few notes for schools regarding NQT induction

NQT registrations

  • Schools should ensure they have registered their NQTs with the Appropriate Body as soon as possible now that term has started. Registrations for Bradford Appropriate Body are completed on NQT Manager

Early Career Framework

  • All Bradford schools are eligible for the Early Career Framework resources and support. Any schools with NQTs who have started their first term and those in the second term of their induction should ensure they have selected their chosen provider for the materials and support for NQTs and mentors.

  • For further information schools should look at the DfE website which has an explanation about the offer

  • Links to each providers’ own website and information can be found here. They should then select the provider they wish to work with and register their NQTs with them.

  • Again this should be done as soon as possible so that NQTs are given the best start to their induction.

Amendment to statutory guidance

  • There has been an amendment by the DfE to the information about absences related to Covid-19. These absences will not contribute towards the absence limit that would extend statutory induction. This amendment will now extend to September 2021

  • DfE information for schools NQTs about induction and Covid-19 can be found at this site

Mentor training

  • We are looking at setting up the usual mentor training for new co-ordinators and tutors as soon as is practical this term. Please check BSO and NQT Manager for details on how to register once the information is announced.




If an NQT has QTLS then they are exempt from induction, as their qualification is recognised as QTS equivalent as long as they are still members of the Society for Education and Training (SET) from whom further details can be sought.


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