Bradford Community Champions

Bradford Community Champions

Bradford Community Champions are a team of diverse and very carefully selected individuals. They come from non-privileged backgrounds and some have experienced their own difficulties and hurdles in life. I have spent the last fifteen years as a serving magistrate in both Adult and Youth Court and also been heavily involved with the Youth Charity JAMES. Over the years I have seen hundreds of children and young adults in every situation possible.

Some from mainstream school, some that have been excluded, children with one parent, no parents, same-sex parents, parents who are working, not working, problems with drugs, alcohol and a whole spectrum of mental health issues in both youths and adults. In addition, the ‘Looked After’ children in homes and in the care of the local authority, children with stable lives and those living in such horrendous situations you couldn’t possibly imagine.

However, every single one of them had something in common! With the right direction and support, they all had the potential to succeed at something, to some degree or other. I have never in all my years as a magistrate seen one child and thought that they were a lost cause.

In our mainstream schools, some pupils seem to breeze through. They turn up, listen, take part, complete homework, pass exams and leave equipped to go on to better things. And then there are those students who struggle and have a very different view of school life altogether. Whether it be through immaturity, lack of self-esteem, little or no family support, motivation or just the general inability to grasp the importance of what is on offer.

Often, with that kind of attitude comes disruption and disrespect in the classroom, ending in total frustration and hours of wasted time. The teachers who have prepared and planned specific lessons are sometimes almost considered a nuisance or perhaps someone there to spoil their social interaction. And instead of teaching, it can end up policing a class, which then has a knock-on effect on those students who do grasp the point of education and want to learn.

Our aim is solely to support the school and the teachers. We all understand and appreciate what a difficult and stressful profession teaching can be. When a team member is invited into a school they will talk about their own journeys but also endeavor to Inspire, Encourage and Motivate their audience. We would like to try and change the attitude and the way some students feel about education in general.

Sometimes it can be as late as year 11 before reality sets in and they realise what opportunities they have missed. And they have nothing to carry forward in their ‘Educational Bank Account’.

By that I mean, that every bit of effort and knowledge they retain now, is almost like banking invisible money. And without realizing it, they are already preparing and contributing to this ‘Educational Bank Account’ which will pay dividends at a later date. This will give them something to offer and enable them to have choices in life. In addition, it will prepare them to stand on their own two feet, take care of their families and feel like a worthwhile member of society.

Sometimes on the last day of school, after the initial euphoria comes deep disappointment, huge self-esteem issues, panic and then…what now?

Furthermore, if our team members can help just some of these young people, to see the connection between, the value, effort and hard work they put in today and the opportunities that will open on leaving school with a full ‘Educational Bank Account’.

And finally, we would like them to understand and appreciate the teachers because they are in fact the gateway to a happy and successful future.

Our Community Champions

Adeeba Malik - CBE Deputy Chief Executive

Adeeba manages a number of social, educational and economic projects. She has extensive experience of working with public, private and third sector organizations on equality and diversity projects. She also has led projects in Pakistan in particular pre-departure programs.

Amerjeat Sarai - Education Partnerships Lead Officer

Amer has worked for Bradford Council since 1991 in roles that partner all members of the Community. 

Andrea Eli - Sales Director Banner Group Ltd

I grew up on Canterbury Estate in the 70’s. Back then the estate was very much a community and everybody knew each other. 

Anne Newton - Technical Analyst at Yorkshire Water

Anne has worked as a graduate research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry and microbiologist in the water industry.

Ann-Marie Keighley - Marketing Manager at Schofield Sweeney

Whilst at college I worked part time in restaurants, take-aways even an Ice cream kiosk.

Catherine Hankinson - Assistant Chief Constable

Catherine has been a police officer for 22 years and has only recently taken up post as ACC in West Yorkshire.  Prior to that, she served with the Greater Manchester Police in a variety of roles and areas of policing.

Cathy Prior - Education Lead at Provident Financial Group 

I come from a working-class background, born and bred in Bradford. Dad was in the wool trade, Mum worked part-time evenings at Provident. I grew up in a typical terraced house in Clayton, where my Mum still lives. We didn’t have much money, but we had a little backyard and we got by!

Major Christian Storey - Adjutant General’s Corps

‘Born and Bred’ in Bradford, Christian attended St Bede’s Grammar School, leaving school after completing his GCSEs in 2001. He did not continue onto A-Levels as at that time he had “no intention of going to university”, and instead completed a four-year Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship.  

David Coupe - Senior Partner EC3 Legal LLP

Born in the early 60’s into the mining area of Wigan in Lancashire.

David Pearson - JP & Deputy Lieutenant

David had a company, providing training services to banks and businesses in banking and finance-related subjects.  He worked delivering for larger providers such as the Financial Times, various UK universities and professional bodies.

David Wilford - Managing Director at Ysustain Limited 

Born on Broadstone Way Holme Wood, David went to school locally, Dudley Hill Primary, Highfield Middle and Fairfax High Schools. Left school at 16 went into textiles, moved to London, has had a number of different roles have traveled the world, moved back to his hometown of Bradford to make a difference has always inspired others to achieve their full potential.

Emma Smail - Head of Academy at CCS Media

After spending many years selling I started working with the Academy, working with young people coaching them to how to sell and become Account Managers. After a couple of years doing this, I progressed to become the Head of Academy

Faiza Ali- Magistrate/Barrister  

My passion is to encourage people to educate themselves. The focus is to raise awareness on; the importance of education in society, children, our lives, women and all adults.

Gill Arnold - JP DL, Founder of Bradford Community Champions. Chairman of the West Yorkshire Magistrates' Bench & Vice Chairman Carlton Bolling MAT.

Gill is on the board of trustees/directors at GDPA (Global Diversity Positive Action) which is a registered charity.  Its main mission is to empower people to break the cycle of re-offending- in partnership with Microsoft.

Graham Sweeney - Chief Operating Officer at Schofield Sweeney Solicitors

Currently the Chief Operating Officer at Schofield Sweeney Solicitors with overall responsibility for IT, Marketing, HR and pretty much anything else that is not legal work.

HH Judge Jonathan Rose - Circuit Judge

"Commitment, determination, conscientiousness and the ability to meet and overcome hurdles are the keys to success."

Mr Ibrar Hussain Khan - Consul General, Consulate of Pakistan

Mr Ibrar Hussain Khan  is the Consul General of Pakistan, Bradford.

Indy Sagu - Music Producer

Inderpal Singh Sagu, better known by his stage name Indy Sagu is a renowned multi-award-winning music producer and creative director.

Jamaal Mahmood - Sales Executive

Jamaal has two young children and before work commitments increased took part as a Parent Governor within their school. The change will happen and being prepared for change is key to a happy working life.

James Hardy - Managing Director at CCS Media

James Hardy is the Managing Director for CCS Media Limited.

Jasbir Athwal - Deputy Lieutenant

Jasbir Athwal is a driven and enthused business consultant who is keen to help businesses of all sizes reach their potential by providing strategic advice and practical solutions.

Katie Miller -  UK & EU Student Recruitment Manager at University of Bradford

Katie has worked at the University of Bradford since 2013, initially in the careers department but now manages the UK and EU Student Recruitment Team. This role enables Katie to champion strategies linked to raising aspirations and promoting higher education across the UK and Europe, a significant part of Katie’s role also involves working to reduce gaps between those most, and least, represented in higher education

Kelly Deegan - Barclays Team Support Manager

Kelly focuses on progressing her career and developing her knowledge within the banking sector.

Kiel Townend - General Sales Manager at CCS Media

Kiel grew up in Eccleshill and after leaving school without a real idea of career he joined Shipley College completing a GNVQ in Leisure and Tourism with the thought of maybe becoming a PE teacher.

Mark Burns-Williamson OBE- Crime Commissioner at West Yorkshire Police

Mark was born in Castleford and started his working life as an apprentice stonemason working for Wakefield County Council, whilst also studying civil engineering at Leeds Building College.  During the 1980s he was also Shop Steward for building union UCATT representing 200 worker

Mark Cowgill - Co-Founder & Director at Exa Networks

Mark has around 20 years’ experience in the ISP sector; Mark was a member of the BID Development Board and is currently a member of Bradford Breakthrough, and on the Leadership Group for the Chamber of Commerce.

Mark Douglas - Strategic Director Children’s Services City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Mark Douglas has been in post as Strategic Director of Children’s Services in Bradford since July 2019.

Martin Fleming - HM Coroner

A Coronial appointment is a great privilege and a role Martin takes most seriously. The key to his position is developing strong, lasting relationships with the local community.

Michael Cracknell - Business Development Manager at Schofield Sweeney Solicitors

Worked in law firms and accountancy for 20 years, purely in marketing, BD and comms roles (e.g. not as a lawyer)

Mohammad Ali - Senior IT Account Manager at CCS Media

Born and raised in Bradford. I grew up in a Council estate area, living with my family of 7.

Nick Garthwaite - Managing Director of Christeyns Ltd

Born in London in 1957, has spent most of his life so far in Yorkshire, and thus would like to be considered an honary Yorkshireman!

Nirmal Singh - Property Development

Nirmal Singh is best known locally, regionally and nationally as the manufacturer of quilts through his former business, Nirmal Razai Mart & Company Ltd which he started a few years after he came from India with £3 to his credit.

Osman Khan - Temporary Assistant Chief Constable at West Yorkshire Police

Osman is a Police Officer within West Yorkshire. He is currently the Temporary Assistant Chief Constable who is responsibility for Specialist Crime with his substantive role being the District Commander for Bradford.

Peter Benson - Retired Circuit Judge

Studied law by correspondence course and at the Inns of Court School of Law 1973-1975

Rad Miller - Film Maker

Rad is a Bradford born and now Leeds based professional freelance director of documentaries, short films, music & art videos that celebrate youth talent and highlight the social concerns of young people.

Raj Kumar - Solicitor

Raj was born in India on 21/11/1961, he grew up near Bombay (Mumbai), then moved to Delhi when he was around 13 years old.  Raj came to England when he was around 15 years of age in 1975.

Richard Anderson - JP & Teacher

In 2008, Richard was appointed as a magistrate on the Bradford and Keighley bench and is continuing to serve the Bradford community.

Rob Omar - Director of Academies at CCS Media Ltd

Rob has worked at CCS Media for over 18 years and has held most sales roles within the organisation.

Ruwena Khan - Barrister, Park Square Barristers

I was born in Cheshire and studied at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls where I undertook A Levels in Maths, French, History and General Studies.

Sabbiyah Pervez- Community Reporter at BBC Look North

One of six girls; faced cultural barriers; passionate feminist and advocate for young people 

Samreen Akhtar - Barrister at Broadway House Chambers

I am a barrister specialising in crime and currently practise on the North Eastern Circuit.

Sana Khan - Account Manager at CCS Media

Enthusiastic 24year old. British Pakistani female. She has been through various job types within the Health care industry, studied L3 Health & social care as well as L3 + Business & Management.

Sharena Lee Satti - Poet and Independent Artist 

Sharena Lee Satti is an Independent Artist, Poet, Author, Spoken word artist and Workshop facilitator. She is really passionate about poetry and self-expression through creative art and spoken word.

Sharon Jandu - Microsoft Manager

Sharon is currently one of the Directors of TechATP, a Microsoft Education Partner, she used to work for Microsoft and prior to that, she was with Santander establishing the fast growth SME accelerator program called Breakthrough.

Shazia Awan - Radio Program Developer/Learning Support Assistant at Beckfoot Thornton Academy.

Shazia comes from a hardworking Pakistani Asian Immigrant family whose father came to the UK at the age of 12 and was a mill worker until he succeeded in the Restaurant/Takeaway business, her mother has always been a housewife.

Simmy Sekhon - Managing Director of The Sekhon Group

Simmy Sekhon is a dynamic lawyer turned property entrepreneur who initially started as a sole practitioner solicitor trading as Sekhon Firth Solicitors and within 5 years grew the practice to some 140 staff. Simmy sold the practice in 2010 to concentrate on Commercial Property Development and has been growing the portfolio extensively.

Simon Robert Atkin - Ex-Chief Superintendent

Simon’s leadership in progressing a policing style to enhance community cohesion was severely challenged in a District where numerous protests have been successfully managed whist also meeting the challenges of austerity

Simon Hinchcliffe - Headmaster at Bradford Grammar

Simon started work at Bradford Grammar School in September 2014 as the Deputy Head and became the Headmaster in January 2016. Before that he worked at Wolverhampton Grammar School, starting in 2000, his first teaching job.

Simone Reid - Founding Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Dandelion Organisation Ltd

They say the first 5-7 years of each person’s life are the most formative. These the ones with the life-long capacity to define our academic experience, quality of adult relationships, career prospects and so much more.

Simrit Bharaj - Mental Health Practitioner & Author Illustrator Writer

Simrit is a creative, diverse and committed practitioner who has lived in Bradford most of her life. Bradford-born, Simrit has faced adversity but overcome obstacles using determination, ambition and a drive to succeed.

Steph Booth - Writer and Journalist 

Steph has lectured both in the UK and the Czech Republic. She also taught English for three years in secondary schools.,  Was a writer for the Irish Times and, was the first person to go to University from her family who were originally Manchester Irish. A wealth of knowledge and very much about supporting others.  

Suzanne Watson - Managing Director, Approach PR Ltd, President of Bradford Chamber of Commerce

Suzanne Watson is the founder and managing director of Yorkshire public relations and social media agency, Approach PR Ltd which represents clients in the manufacturing, retail and professional services sectors.

Tahir Khan - QC

In 2011, Tahir was appointed one of Her Majesty’s Counsel (Queen’s Counsel) and since then, his practice has been almost exclusively in prosecuting and defending cases of the utmost complexity and seriousness. These include murder, complex fraud, and terrorism cases.

Tasif Khan - World Champion Boxer

Tasif Khan has always been supporting young disengaged people from the local community to become better individuals through the discipline and self-control that is nurtured through boxing.

Thomas Whitford-Bartle - Alumni Engagement Officer at University of Bradford

Thomas is an Alumni Engagement Officer at the University of Bradford

Tim Rogers - Head of Bradford of LocalIQ

Born and raised in Bradford, did a undergraduate degree at Bradford University and a postgraduate degree at Leeds University.

Trevor Higgins - Chief Executive Officer, Bradford Breakthrough

I am Bradford born, bred and educated.  I was brought up in a happy, family of nine in a three -bedroom council semi on the edge of an estate.

Victoria Hartford - Director of Primary, Carlton Academy Trust

I was born in Manchester, my mum was only 16 and we lived on a council estate called Limeside which was affectionately referred to as Crimeside.

Yunus Mayat - IT Specialist at Bradford Council

Yunus has worked for Bradford Council for the last 13 years in the Information, Communication and Technology Department, for the council and whilst seconded to IBM and Serco under the Strategic IT Partnership from 2005 – 2015, delivering IT Services to Bradford Council.

Zaf Shah - Doctoral Researcher at Leeds Beckett Law School

Zaf was born and raised in Lidget Green, Bradford. Zaf’s father was a mill worker and his mother is a housewife, who is now widowed. Zaf comes from a family of 6, 4 brothers and two sisters. Zafs family was a typical working-class family living in the inner city of Bradford.

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Adrian Kneeshaw - CEO, Carlton Bolling

Dale Porter

Dame Naila Zaffer

Fiona Crothers - Schofield Sweeney

Karen Cruise

Matt Pedder 

Simon Shepherd - Schofield Sweeney

Tina Morris - Schofield Sweeney


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