Accessibility Audit and Accessibility Plans

To be completed by: Fri 25 Oct 2019

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We are now pleased to provide schools with a comprehensive audit tool to help them identify priorities to inform their Accessibility Plans.

Accessibility Audit and Accessibility Plans

The Equality Act 2010 requires schools to develop and publish an Accessibility Plan that outlines how they will improve the access to education for disabled pupils over time. The schools Accessibility Plan should be published on the school website. There should be a link between the schools SEN Information Report and the Accessibility Plan.

Dowload the Accessibility Audit here. 

The following may help engage children and young people as a way of co-producing your Accessibility Plan.

We will continue to monitor school’s Accessibility Plans in order to provide help and guidance. To assist schools in developing their Accessibility Plans below are the key elements of good plan:

  • Reference to an audit (that has informed the plan);
  • Targets on improving access to the physical environment;
  • Targets on improving access to the curriculum;
  • Targets on making information more accessible;
  • Specific actions to achieve the targets;
  • Specific timescales (dates rather than ‘ongoing’);
  • Named people who are responsible for making sure the actions happen;
  • Success criteria and the expected impact after the actions have been implemented; and
  • A review section – the actual impact of the actions at the end of the time period.

Bradford’s Accessibility Strategy is currently being revised and will be sent out to schools in due course.

In the meantime, any queries can be directed to:

Michael Purches (Interim SEND Transformation & Compliance Coordinator) via

Bradford’s Local Offer
The Children and families act 2014 requires schools to provide the local authority with a direct website link to their school’s local offer SEN information report and inform children and young people with SEND 0-25 and their families about the local authority local offer information service. 

Bradford’s Local Offer has listened to valuable feedback from key stakeholders and we now have in place a co-produced new and improved Bradford Local Offer website.

The new website invited all schools to create an account via email in July, to review and update their school’s local offer SEN information report link and for the opportunity to add a range of information about their school relating to SEND on Bradford’s Local Offer website – including their Accessibility Plans, rather than just a link to their SEN information page.

If you would like to review your school’s local offer SEN information report link and provide further information to families on the Local Offer about your school SEND information rather than just a link, this can be managed by creating an account using the invite email sent to all schools. If you require further assistance about the Bradford Council Local Offer website account creation, to review your school’s link and add new information please contact

The local authority has distributed Local Offer pocket information booklets to schools to give out to children and young people with SEND and their families. If you require more pocket information booklets for families please contact



Published: 12/09/2019
Audience: All schools
Contact: Michael Purches

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