Spring Progress Data for LAC

Colleagues who have not yet submitted end of term progress data for LAC are asked to do so by 8th May at the latest.

When submitting data it is most helpful if colleagues could use NC levels for the remainder of this school year as an interim arrangement. The progress data provided allows the Virtual School to make a judgement about the impact of Pupil Premium Plus, identify trends and steer future support. For clarity, target is the target level set at the start of the academic year for the child/ young person based on previous progress and attainment. Predicted level is that likely to be achieved in July and might be higher or lower than the target. 

For reporting purposes please make sure you tick the box to say if the child is on track or not, regardless of which assessment systems are being used.


Published: 30/04/2015
Audience: Designated Teachers of Looked After Children
Contact: Joanne Sutcliffe

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