The Schools Forum

The Schools Forum

Bradford’s Schools Forum is a representative group of Headteachers, Governors and Non School members established by statutory instruments issued by the Government.

Forums were established nationally in 2002 primarily as bodies for Local Authorities to consult on School Budget related issues, such as formula funding, contracts funded from the Schools Budget, and provision for the education of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

The Regulations governing the composition and management of Forums are frequently updated by the Government. In 2006 the Regulations were revised to formalise and more closely prescribe Forum procedures. The importance of Forums as consultative bodies has been increased. Forums now have powers to approve certain proposals from the Local Authority that would previously have needed to have gone to the Secretary of State, such as approving adjustments to the calculation of a school’s minimum funding guarantee.

In October 2012 the Forum Regulations were amended again. In particular, the Regulations now require Forum meetings to be held as public meetings, in line with other Council meetings, and for reports to be available for public access.

The main areas of business for Bradford’s Forum in a typical year are:

  • Agreeing the funding formula and managing the review of this (via the Formula Funding Working Group; the FFWG and the Early Years Working Group; the EYWG) and consultation with schools
  • Making recommendations on the allocation of the Dedicated Schools Grant.
  • Managing and monitoring school deficit and surplus budget processes, through the Schools Financial Performance Group; the SFPG
  • Agreeing changes in financial procedures and protocols e.g. the Scheme for Financing Schools, the Classification of Schools system, Light Touch Financial Monitoring and Intended Use of Balances

The following information on Bradford’s Schools Forum is available here:

For further information on the membership, remit and work of Bradford’s Forum, please contact:

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