Learning Support (Cognition and Learning)

Learning Support (Cognition and Learning)

We are a team of specialist teachers and practitioners working within the Social, Communication, Interaction, & Learning Team (SCILT) alongside the other specialist areas of Communication and Interaction (including Autism), Early Years and SEMH.   As part of the graduated response outlined in the Code of Practice, schools and settings can access our SEND Advice Hubs or make individual referrals for children and young people from Year One onwards. In addition to our pupil work, we offer schools a range of training, which can be purchased. Please visit http://www.skills4bradford.co.uk/Services/5179

Our learning support specialists offer advice and assessments for pupils with a broad range of needs such as: 

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In order to be flexible and responsive, Learning Support provide a graduated approach to support schools.














SEND Advice Hubs

This is the initial stage to access Learning Support advice.  Our SEND Advice Hubs enable us to provide responsive support for all pupils with SEND from one of our specialist teachers. To ensure we can respond to as many schools as possible we provide approximately 8 virtual hub appointments per week. Professionals from school will have a 30-minute appointment to discuss the pupil’s needs and will receive advice on appropriate strategies to support them in the classroom and/or through intervention.  

Our SEND Advice Hubs will result in two outcomes, either:

  1. A written summary of the pupil's needs and advice given to support their learning 
  2. A recommendation to make an individual pupil referral in addition to a summary of initial advice given at the hub

Pupil Referrals

For pupils who are at SEND support on the Bradford Matrix of Need we offer individual pupil referrals.  Ideally you will have already accessed our SEND Advice hubs and be implementing at least 10hrs of additional support.   If your pupil is still not making progress having implemented the advice for at least a term, you should submit a pupil referral.  Referrals are made through Skills4Bradford, follow the Pupil Referrals link to access our forms.  Once the referral has been allocated, you will be contacted by one of our specialist teachers who will arrange a visit to carry out a classroom observation and/or a cognitive assessment.  Our cognitive assessments will provide a detailed learning profile and recommendations for classroom adjustments and interventions.  In some circumstances, we also provide specialist practitioner support.  The Specialist Practitioner will work with an allocated member of your staff to help implement interventions and recommendations.   Once we have completed our initial observations/assessment, school will receive a report.  The specialist teacher will organise a meeting with the appropriate school staff and parents to feedback the report and recommendations.  They will then initiate a monitoring meeting the following term to review progress and establish whether further support is required. 

Our Specialist Practitioners

Requests for specialist practitioners are made internally by our specialist teachers. Specialist practitioners work with pupils to support schools with the implementation of the specialist teacher's recommendations. They provide weekly or twice weekly sessions for a six-week period.   You will need to allocate a designated Support Assistant to work with our specialist practitioner. The  specialist practitioner will set up the required intervention and model strategies and delivery to your Support Assistant.  Once the six-week period is complete, your support assistant will have all the resources to continue the intervention for your pupil.  Work with our specialist practitioner's provides an ideal opportunity for CPD.

Exam Access Assessments (Secondary)

Ideally schools will have their own exam access assessor.  However, for schools who do not currently have a qualified assessor, we can provide this service.  This is part of our traded work and there is a charge of £90.00 per pupil.  For further details and to request assessments, please go to our exam access page on Skills4Bradford.

Our Training

We offer a range of training which is either scheduled (individuals book on) or on-demand (whole school training).  Currently all our training is being delivered virtually.  Below is a list of our courses.  Please note we also provide bespoke training and consultancy work on request.

  • Alphabet Arc (scheduled & on-demand)
  • How to use and interpret the Dyslexia Portfolio (scheduled only)
  • Developing English Skills for SEN pupils with EAL (scheduled & on-demand)
  • Recognising and Managing Dyslexia and Difficulties in Literacy (scheduled & on-demand)
  • New Baseline Assessment and Toolkit 
  • Supporting Pupils with Maths Difficulties (scheduled & on-demand)
  • The Multi-Sensory Literacy Course (scheduled & on-demand)
  • Senco Induction (scheduled only) - Free to schools, part of SENCO Essentials
  • Supporting Children with Language Difficulties in the Classroom (scheduled & on-demand)
  • 20-20 Reading (scheduled & on-demand)

On-demand courses, bespoke training and consultancy work are booked using our booking forms which can be found in the training information on our Skills4Bradford pages.  Scheduled courses are booked through the training and events page on Skills4Bradford (where dates are set you can click on links above to go directly to scheduled training event)  

More information about how to access our services can be found here: Skills4Bradford


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