Secondary Place Planning

Secondary Place Planning


Bradford Council has a statutory duty to ensure there are sufficient school places in the District to meet present and future demand .        

The demand for school places changes over time and predicting demand is a complex task involving a range if factors such as birth rates, housing growth and inward and outward migration.

Details of the admission policies and coordinated admission arrangements can be found by clicking on 'Admissions' on the left hand side of this page, followed by clicking on 'About Admissions'.

Changes for entry into schools in September 2017 as agreed by the Executive include:

1. Changes to the admission oversubscription criteria for All Saint's CE Primary (Ilkley), Bradford Academy, Bradford Forster Academy, Hanson Academy, Ilkley Grammar, Parkside School, Riddlesden St Mary's CE, St Anthony's Catholic (Clayton), St Bede's & St Joseph's Catholic, St Clare's Catholic, St Joseph's Catholic (Bingley), St Williams Catholic and Tong School.

2. The Annual Consultation on Admission Policies and Admission Coordinated Arrangements were noted which included the admissions oversubscription priority areas for Cottingley Village Primary school, Parkside School and Tong School.

For forecasting and planning purposes all secondary schools are organised into confederation planning areas, these are also a requirement for reporting purposes to the Department of Education. Bradford District Secondary schools are  in 8 planning areas of schools and are based on where children live and which schools they are likley to attend. For secondary schools this is likely to cover a much wider area across the District particularly for faith schools. Note however that this does not restrict parents making preferences for any school across the District or elsewhere.

Other Changes for future years:

1. Following consultation Buttershaw Business and Enterprise Academy are to close their sixth form provision as from September 2019 and increase their poublished admission number (PAN).

2. Following consultation Queensbury School are to close their sixth form provision from September 2018.


Education Organisation Plan: Duties,responsibilities and the underlying principles to the provision of education facilities in Bradford, consultation.

Detailed information on schools in  their planning areas including historic trends, health authority information and pupil forecasts can be found in section 6 of the Education Organisation Plan.

Additional information on the schools in the 8   planning areas is shown below:

(click on highlighted areas in blue to open the link).


Aire Valley Planning Area

Bradford Central Planning Area

  • Beckfoor Upper Heaton Academy; Belle Vue Girls' School; Bradford Girls' Grammar School;  Dixons Allerton Academy; Dixons McMillan Academy; Dixons Trinity Academy; Oasis Academy Lister Park; St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College. Map
  • Area Forecast
  • Pupils attending Bradford Central planning area schools
  • Approved Housing developments in the Bradford Central planning area.

Bradford East Planning Area

  • Carlton Bolling College; Feversham College; Hanson School; Immanuel College; Laisterdyke Leadership Academy; On In A Million Free School. Map
  • Area Forecast
  • Pupils attending Bradford East planning area schools
  • Approved Housing Developments in the Bradford East planning area

Bradford South Planning Area

  • Appleton Academy; Bradford Academy; Bradford Forster Academy (opened September 2015); Buttershaw Business and Enterprise Academy; Dixons City Academy; Grange Technology College; Tong Leadership Academy. Map
  • Area Forecast
  • Pupils attending Bradford South planning area schools
  • Approved Housing developments in the Bradford South planning area

Bradford West Planning Area

Cullingworth Planning Area

Ilkley Planning Area

Keighley Planning Area

 Private and Independent schools known data click here, and  map of Independent Schools 2017.

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