75th Anniversary of VJ Day 15 August 2020

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Victory in Japan Day (VJ Day) on the 15 August 1945 marked the end of the Second World War. Learn about those involved in the conflict in Asia-Pacific from Hawaii to North East India through the Royal British Legion web pages

Britain and the Commonwealth’s principal fighting force, the Fourteenth Army, was one of the most diverse in history - over 40 languages were spoken, and all the world’s major religions represented. The descendants of many of the Commonwealth veterans of that army are today part of multicultural communities up and down the country, a lasting legacy to the success and comradeship of those who fought in the Asia-Pacific. 

This year we remember the contribution of all Commonwealth and Allied Forces, without whom victory and the freedoms and way of life we enjoy today would not have been possible.

Join RBL in marking the 75th anniversary of VJ Day

Through their programme of activity, the Legion will be highlighting the forgotten history of those who fought in the conflict and the atrocious and harrowing conditions in which they served and were held prisoner.

You can join us by marking VJ Day in a number of ways:

  • Share your story or message of thanks on RBL's interactive map and help us ensure the contribution of those who served in the Far East is not forgotten.
  • Take part in a national moment of Remembrance on Saturday 15 August. A Two Minute Silence will take place at 11am and will be the focal point of the commemorative service at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire led by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
  • Follow the socially-distanced commemorations at the NMA on BBC One. The commemorations will pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the thousands of Armed Forces personnel, civilians and family members who contributed to victory in the Far East, and recognise the horrors they endured.

There are many personal accounts on the site from people were there. Tjhese provide a unique insight into the experiences of those involved and can be used to support student understanding of the period.

This is the link to the RBL content: VJ Day | Remembrance Events | Royal British Legion

Bradford Cathedral Service 

A commemorative service will be held at the Cathedral for broadcast on the Cathedral YouTube Channel at 12.30pm on Sunday 16 August.



Published: 08/08/2020
Audience: Teachers, head teachers
Contact: Helen Johnston

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