Down Syndrome & Autisitc Spectrum Condition

To be completed by: Wed 04 Mar 2020

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Wednesday 25th March, 9:30am to 2.00pm with the Down Syndrome Training & Support Service, Bingley

Down Syndrome & Autisitc Spectrum Condition

Wednesday 25th March, 9:30am to 2.00pm

Following our successful training day for speech therapists last term we are delighted to offer this new workshop.

The workshop will enable participants to share their understanding of how children with dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autistic spectrum condition develop speech, language and communication. Using several case studies we will discuss what we know, what we don’t know and what we would like to know! There will also be opportunity to discuss and share ideas on how we manage communication, sensory issues, diet, feeding and unwanted behaviours.

Cost: £40.00 per professional/ £20.00 per family member, refreshments provided. Please bring your own lunch.

 An excellent day- I really enjoyed it and gained lots of ideas. Loved the small group work

 Today highlighted to me the overlap of difficulties/symptoms seen in DS & ASD

 Good to hear strategies/approaches from other professionals & also parents of children with diagnoses. Pace of information and mix between listening/group discussion was good.

 I found the consideration of a medical, social and learning model very interesting and believe it to be a way forward in helping to tease out what is Down syndrome and what is ASD



Published: 04/03/2020
Audience: staff working with children who have Down syndrome plus additional needs
Contact: Wendy Uttley

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