Unauthorised Leave of Absence taken in July and September 2018

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Penalty Notice Requests

Please submit your Penalty Notice Requests for July's absence as soon as possible.  If the leave was at the end of July's term please indicate that the child has returned from leave by attaching this year's attendance printout.  If the child is no longer a registered pupil with your school please make a note on last year's attendance printout that the child is back in the country and where the child should be ie at another school or taken off roll extended leave and a CME referral has been submitted.

Please be reminded that Penalty Notice Requests for September's absence require 6 weeks of attendance data to issue in line with the Local Area Code of Conduct. Therefore please do not submit your requests until the end of the Autumn term in October.  Any requests received without 6 weeks of attendance data will be returned to school.

Please also ensure that the attendance data does not contain any N codes or missing marks as the requests will be returned to school for amendment.


Published: 01/10/2018
Audience: Headteachers, Attendance Officers
Contact: Elizabeth Waite

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