Looked After Children: The Designated Teachers’s Annual Report to Governors

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Please be aware, this is a statutory requirement for schools to present an annual report to governors on provision for its Looked After Children.

Your report should include the following:

  1. Numbers of LAC and progress made by Looked After Children in your school
  2. Overview of provision at your school
  3. A case study of a Looked After Child highlighting progress since starting school or going into care and his/her social and emotional well-being
  4. PEP update – numbers completed and range of professionals involved
  5. Income from PPP+, outcomes and impact on attainment through targeted intervention
  6. Attendance
  7. Fixed- term exclusions, if any. Actions taken to address issues and minimise further exclusions for LAC
  8. Any CPD events attended.


Please follow this link to an example of an annual report for your information and reference.  



For further information please contact any member of the Virtual School Team.


Contact Details

Ken Poucher                    Head of the Virtual School for Looked After Children                                                             01274 439623

Rita Kumar                        Acting Deputy Head Teacher:  Virtual School for Looked After Children                            01274 439639

Louise Coates-Black     Teacher:  Virtual School for Looked After Children                                                                 01274 434599

Caroline Dolan                 Teacher:  Virtual School for Looked After Children                                                                01274 434612


Published: 29/11/2016
Audience: Designated Teachers for LAC
Contact: Rita Kumar

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