Managing Allegations

Managing Allegations

Managing Allegations

All enquiries should be made to Lead Officer Suzanne Ellis.  If Suzanne is unavailable then enquiries can be made to the Duty Safeguarding Coordinator/LADO (01274 435600).  


 Suzanne Ellis - Lead Officer - Education Safeguarding Team

City of Bradford MDC

Department of Children's Service

Margaret McMillan Tower

Princes Way

Tel: 01274 437043  




When a school has information or a concern which suggests that an adult working with, or on behalf of children, has;

Behaved in a way that has harmed, or may have harmed a child

Possibly committed a criminal offence against, or related to a child

Behaved towards a child in a way that indicates s/he is unsuitable to work with children

The headteacher or another member of school management must seek the advice of  Suzanne Ellis or one of the Child Protection Coordinators (01274 435600) and must not attempt to carry out any investigation before receiving advice; this includes historic as well as current allegations.

Please complete the LADO Referral Form, which can be found on the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board's website, and send for Suzanne's attention by protected email.


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