Free School Meals in Bradford

Free School Meals in Bradford

Bradford Council's Revenues, Benefits & Payroll Service administers Free School Meals for most schools in the Bradford District. Our service is fully detailed in the Traded Services Directory. Some Academies do not use this service so the information on these pages is not relevant to them.

We hope the following information is useful for schools . We also put out regular news items on the news page of Bradford Schools Online and have just started a regular newsletter. We have tried to cover information topics that we get most queries about. Please make sure that staff in school that deal with free school meals queries read the news items and the newsletter.

Newsletter - June 2015


Administration Guide

To help your school with Free School Meal administration please download our guide to the process as it operates in Bradford. It includes information on our application process, what information we send to schools and parents and includes information on how the introduction of free meals to infants will affect free school meals generally. Free School Meals in Bradford - A Guide for Schools . This guide was revised in September 2014.

School Newsletters

We have started to produce a regular newsletter for schools who use our service.

Guide to using online Free School Meal Data

In September 2014 the lists of children who are currently eligible for Free School Meals were made available electronically to schools via this site. Level 1 and level 2 users will be able to view the data and it is held in the secure area for your school. Instructions on how to view this data are also held here. The data is accessed on BSO after logging in. Click on your name in the top right hand of the screen and then enter “Maintenance Tools”, “Free School Meals”

Council Website

Information on Free School Meals is on the Council's website at and provides useful information about school meals in general and Free School Meals. It also list additional benefits children and parents may get if they are eligible for Free School Meals. Please publish this link on your school website, newsletters etc as it provides useful up to date information for parents and carers.

Free School Meal application form 

Our online free school meal application form has been improved so that parents get an immediate response to their application - telling them whether or not they qualify. As the online form is a much quicker, easier and efficient way for parents to apply we have now withdrawn the paper application form from use. Please direct your parents to the online application form.

Pupil Premium Registration Form

If you are considering using the government's Free School Meal and Pupil Premium registration form you need to be aware of the following:

  • Many children are already registered for Free School Meals - please check your up to date school records on the secure area of this website
  • Please do not submit forms to us where children are already registered
  • We will only inform schools of children who do qualify - this will be done via your school record on the secure area of this website  
  • Our target time for dealing with these forms is 10 working days - at busy periods of time we may not be able to deal with them in this timescale
  • Please consider using the Council's online free school meal application form. You will then immediately know who qaulifies and who does not


Other resources

The School Food Trust has a number of resources that you may find useful

.Quick guide to Free School Meals 

Free School Meals Matter Take-Up Toolkit

School Food Trust translated resources.

 Contact us

Parents should contact us on  01274 432772 - calls cannot be made on any other number


Schools: If you have any queries about Free School Meals you can contact us

 01274 434477, please do NOT give this telephone number out to parents 



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