Email Advice to Schools

Email Advice to Schools

Advice to users of webmail accounts such as Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo and AOL for school business

These sites do not provide an adequate level of security for the type of emails you are likely to receive as a school. You are therefore strongly advised not to use them for any school business.

You will find that because of the above concerns an increasing number of organisations will not communicate via these types of account.

School designated email addresses:

One of the email address formats below are issued to each school :


All schools already have a designated email account of the form or that meets these requirements. Yours remains available to you for use, if you would like to use this email please use the Feedback button on this page for further guidance and advice.

Alternatively, you can contact the  Education Department's Curriculum ICT on to obtain an email account for use with Bradford Schools Online. The number is: 01274 385844

What you should be looking for in an email account host

Security of your e-mails, both received and read, is critical and so your email service must have:

  • The ability to provide historic information about your email transactions and access to the emails processed for business use to support your statutory requirements under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.
  • The functionality to provide filtering and monitoring to minimise risks of abuse.

Changing email addresses

Any Level 1 User of Bradford Schools Online can change email addresses of staff in school by logging onto the Access Register.

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