Traded Services

Traded Services

Educational Psychology Team Support 2017 - 18

In 2017 - 18, all schools will receive three ‘Early Help’ consultation sessions for the year, to allow staff to discuss and plan for any students at ‘School Support’. For those settings with a DSP / ARC or Behaviour Centre, an additional session will be allocated. Through schools will receive an allocation to primary and secondary phases. These sessions have been well used in previous years, and Sencos and EPs have used this time creatively to meet the needs of a number of complex students.

In addition, you may receive a number of ‘EHCP Monitoring Support’ sessions, allocated to individual students with EHCPs, as recorded in their EHC Plans. Usually, students will receive one session at the end of each key stage. The purpose of these sessions is to monitor progress and identify next steps for the student. You will be contacted by a member of the EP team in the autumn term if you have any students entitled to these sessions.

Any statutory assessment work carried out on behalf of the Local Authority will continue to be funded centrally.

If your school requires any additional time beyond the three termly consultation sessions, this will need to be purchased.

Below is an updated costing document and audit of need so that you can begin to consider whether this is something you require. The amount of time available this year is likely to be limited due to a national shortage of EPs, and I suggest you consider this as a matter of urgency to guarantee your request.

In order to guarantee any requests for additional time and to benefit from our early booking price please complete the booking form below and return it by 31st March 2017.

Settings wishing to discuss purchasing additional time, interventions or training should discuss this either with their allocated EP or contact Dr Ruth Dennis, Principal Educational Psychologist on 01274 439444 or email

Cost of Additional Sessions 2017 - 18

The following pricing guide will enable you to calculate the cost of additional EP sessions. A session is 3 hours. Any reports or additional activities linked to the piece of work must be costed in terms of sessions. Your link psychologist will be able to guide you in relation to how much time this will take.


Annual subscription  booked before 31st March 2017


Unit cost (per session)

Basic subscription

Up to 18 x 3 hour sessions per year


Standard subscription

Between 19 and 38 x 3 hour sessions a year


Enhanced subscription

Over 39 x 3 hour sessions a year



Please note any bookings received after 31st of March 2017 will incur a 5% surcharge.

Bookings made after 21st July 2017 will be charged at the Pay as You Go rate of £268 per session.



Based on bookings made before 31st March 2017, the following costs will apply:





One day a week



Half a day a week / one day a fortnight



Half a day a fortnight





The cost of bespoke training is calculated to include planning and preparation time as well as the on-site time.

The costings are as follows:



Cost of Training 2017 - 18



1 hour


1 ½ hours


2 hours


Half day


Full day



Quality First Training

The EPT also presents a number of centrally run training courses throughout the year. Thes courses cost £90 pp unless otherwise stated. Full details can be found here



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Traded Services


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