School Annual Calendars

School Annual Calendars

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Annual calendar
DfE guidance on the school year and school day
Arrangements to change the timing of the school day
School holiday arrangements
How is the information used by Bradford Council?

Annual calendar

Below are copies of the statutory academic year calendar that can be printed or downloaded for adaptation.

The number of INSET and Occasional days schools may take each year is detailed in the calendars below. For details of when specific schools have chosen to take their INSET and Occasional days please consult School Finder.

  • calendar 2018/19 5 INSET days & 4 Occasional days
  • calendar 2017/18 5 INSET days & 4 Occasional days
  • calendar 2016/17 5 INSET days & 4 Occasional days
  • calendar 2015/16 5 INSET days & 6 Occasional days
  • calendar 2014/15 5 INSET days & 3 Occasional days
  • calendar 2013/14 5 INSET days & 3 Occasional days

DfE guidance on the school year and school day

It is a statutory requirement for schools to be open to pupils for at least 190 days in each academic year and for 195 days for staff.


Arrangements to change the timing of the school day

Management of the School Day is a DfE Circular (No 7/90) which provides statutory and non-statutory guidance relating to the school day. It also explains the process to be undertaken when a school wishes to change the times of school sessions. This is summarised in the guidance below which also provides names of contacts.


Where a Governing Body wishes to review the school day, then its proposals should take account of the following:

1.       Where the proposals affect the length of the school lunchtime and could consequently change lunchtime staffing arrangements, please liaise with your lunch provider to ensure that no additional costs will arise from the proposed change.

2.       Where the proposals affect the length of the school lunchtime and could consequently affect School Crossing Patrols, please contact Sue Heaton, telephone (01274) 439458.

3.       Where the proposals affect the beginning and/or end of the school day, you should liaise with Norman Parker ( (01274) 439456, regarding implications for school transport.

NOTE: School’s budgets can be charged for any reasonable additional costs that may be caused for home to school transport resulting from the decision of the Governing Body to amend the school day.


4.       Schools should give full consideration to the minimum lesson time set out in Circular 7/90, paragraph 26, when amending their timings for school sessions:

KS1      21 hours

KS2      23.5 hours

KS3-4   24 hours


NOTE: The Authority does not recommend differential start and finish times for pupils within the same school, although actual lesson time could vary.
- Primary schools may wish to consider varying lesson times or else set their lesson time between 21 and 23.5 hours.

- Secondary schools may wish to consider at least 25 hours’ lesson time for pupils in Key Stage 4 (14 -16 year olds).


Community, Voluntary-controlled and Special Schools

5.       Where the Governing Body propose to make any changes in the times of school sessions, they must consult the LA and the head teacher before initiating any of the procedures of change.

6.       There should be consultation with parents. Details of the proposed changes should be notified to all parents with an opportunity for them to comment. The proposal, together with any comments from the LA (see paragraph 7 below) must be included in the Governor’s Annual Report to parents and feature as an agenda item at the subsequent parents’ meeting. It would also be advisable for the Governing Body to seek the views of staff and their professional associations/trade unions and any other schools that may be affected by the change.

7.       Changes can only be implemented at the start of an academic year.

8.       Under its powers set out in Section 115 Education Reform Act, the Authority requires the following information be provided for parents when the proposal is considered:

a)         the minimum lesson time set out in the Circular and the Authority’s guidance in paragraph 3 above;

b)         the arrangements for lunchtime supervision, when the proposal affects the lunchtime period;

c)         the changes in transport arrangements or access to transport, together with any projected additional cost, where the proposal affects the beginning or end of the school day;

d)         any additional comments made by the Authority.


9.       Following consultation, any responses should be analysed and evidenced to the LA before any proposals are agreed. If the Governing Body decides to go ahead with changing the times of the sessions, it must give at least 3 months’ notice to the LA and parents.

NOTE: In practice, this means holding the Report to Parents’ Meeting before 31 May or else arranging a special meeting for parents before 31 May with at least 2 weeks’ notice of the proposal.


Aided and Foundation Schools

10.   The Circular states that aided schools should “observe the important principal on which these procedures are based”. The Authority encourages aided schools to follow the guidance set out in 4 - 7 above which is in line with good practice.



11.   All head teachers and Governing Bodies should refer closely to the advice set out in the Circular, in particular paragraphs 10, 12, 15, 19, 22 and 26 - 29. Special schools should also pay particular attention to paragraph 32. Aided schools should pay particular attention to paragraph 13.

12.   Should your school be considering any changes to the school day please contact the Behaviour Support Service in the first instance and copy any correspondence to the Local Authority Learning Services section at Margaret McMillan Tower.

Initial Contact:  Information Managment Team -


School holiday arrangements

Each year the Council agrees with Trades Unions the main school holidays for the forthcoming academic year. In addition to these all schools can add closures due to in-service training (up to 5 days or equivalent) and occasional days (variable year on year). Voluntary Aided and Foundation schools may also change the agreed main school holidays to meet local needs.

The Information Management Team writes to all schools each year to request details of their planned closures.


How is the information used by Bradford Council?

School holidays and opening and closing times are vital information for Bradford Council. They are used, for example, to arrange bus and taxi contracts; to inform Welfare Officers about school attendance; peripatetic staff for their timetables; to arrange SIP visits.

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