Support for Pupils and Schools Behind the Blade Programme Pilot

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School Exclusion Team have been working with Bradford Youth Justice Service (YJS) to develop support related to pupils at risk of, or carrying, bladed articles. The YJS can now offer support using the Behind the Blade Educational Knife Crime Prevention Programme to schools for referred pupils.

The programme is aimed at young people aged 10 to 17 who are at risk of, or involved in, knife related behaviour to reduce their risk and divert from offending behaviours. The programme is delivered by practitioners trained in the Behind the Blade programme from the Bradford Youth Justice Service. We may be able to support for young people below this age, please contact us to discuss.

This is a pilot scheme and wider aims are to support schools in reducing the need to exclude where appropriate as this programme is a suitable intervention to support the young person and the school in managing risk through the modules detailed below. The programme is delivered as a 1-2-1 intervention programme over 3-6 weeks (6 modules) using worksheets, interactive exercises and discussion, either in school or other suitable venue.

The programme can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual depending on the circumstances.

There is no charge to schools for this pilot programme; schools can refer directly using the referral form or via your school safer schools police officer or school exclusion team. Please send completed referrals with parent consent to

If you want to discuss the programme and how it can be used to support please contact Toni Carroll at the Youth Justice Service or Bradford Exclusions Team Karen Roper

Programme Details:

Module 1 

My understanding of knife crime

Different pressures to carry a knife

Dangers of knife possession

Handling pressures and problem solving


Module 2 

Dangers of knife carrying

The law about knife carrying

Harm from knife carrying and use

Problem solving skills

Module 3

Negative peer pressure

Trust and loyalty

Understanding the dangers of knife carrying in a public place

Problem solving my own situation


Module 4

Developing my anti knife crime message to others

Looking at knife crime from a community position

Understanding the ripple of harm

Using positive peer pressure and resolving pressures


Module 5

Understanding patterns of harm behaviour

Harm patterns in my behaviour

Cost of harm behaviour

Problem solving my behaviour patterns


Module 6

How to respond when someone else or myself is injured with a bladed article

Understanding what will happen if injured

Understanding the short and long term impact of injuries





Published: 09/09/2021
Audience: Head teachers and Senior Leads in school
Contact: Karen Roper

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