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Bradford Council has begun a project to improve the digital communications and information around its Children's Services.

What is the Digital Improvement Project?

The purpose of the Digital Improvement Project is to re-design and develop Children's Services information within the Council’s digital information systems to make them more accessible and user-friendly for parents, carers, children, young people and practitioners who work with children and families. This includes web pages, front-facing portals/landing pages and search facility both on and Bradnet and associated links both council-owned and external sites including the Safeguarding Partnership. It is also proposed that there will be significant refresh and redevelopment of all Children’s Services content on Bradnet to improve accessibility to key information and resources for staff in Children’s Services.  This work will ensure the Council meets its legal requirements which is important as some of our current content is no longer fully compliant. The first key phases of the project will be completed by September 2021.

So far the project has made an initial assessment of all current information hosted on and on Bradnet. Out of date information is in the process of being removed and work is underway with services to develop new pages and content.  To ensure greater oversight and compliance with the Council Web Content Policy the team are developing an improved governance protocol and web author content practice guide for those staff in Children’s Services who create content and who are responsible for digitally held information within their service areas.  This will be implemented along with web content author training across the service during the summer.

Why it matters is the corporate website for Bradford Council. It is the Council’s information portal and single entry point for customers to access our own and 3rd. party partner services. All services provided or managed by the council need to have information on The website must comply with all legislation requirements this includes the EU cookie directive and web accessibility.  


How you can get involved

During the project we will be inviting staff to give their views, contribute to the development and carry out testing of information and web pages.  In the meantime, if you have any views or ideas on how current web content information could be made better or more accessible for families or are aware of any relevant information that is missing or any gaps then please email by Friday 25th June 2021.



Published: 24/06/2021
Audience: all
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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