Closing your school in an emergency

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With winter approaching, we often see more school closures due to bad weather, an emergency or unforeseen circumstances. Schools can keep everyone informed in a timely way by following the Emergency School Closure advice.

Full details are available. In short if you need to close your school:

  • Anyone with Level 1 BSO access can do this
  • Open BSO and click on Closed Schools
  • Click on School Closure (you will then be asked to log in)
  • Follow the on screen instructions

Once you have submitted the closure information the following are automatically informed:

  • Local radio stations, including Radio Leeds and Pulse FM
  • The Telegraph & Argus
  • Bradford Council's main web site
  • All education officers
  • Bradford Schools Online

You have no need to contact these separately.


Published: 25/11/2019
Audience: All Headteachers and BSO users with level 1 access
Contact: Claire Marshall-Swales

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